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Radiation Therapy Arlington MA Hallmark Health Medical Associates (HHMA) provides radiation therapy and other cancer treatments at our state-of-the-art cancer center located near Arlington, Massachusetts. Backed with the extensive resources and leading-edge technology of the Hallmark Health System, HHMA provides comprehensive treatment and supportive care for cancer patients and their families.

Radiation therapy involves using high-energy X-rays to destroy or shrink tumors. It is often recommended in conjunction with chemotherapy and/or surgery as part of a patient’s treatment plan. There are several forms of radiation treatment, including:

  • Internal radiation – Also known as brachytherapy, internal radiation involves placing a radiation source near the tumor for a limited period of time.
  • External beam radiation – This treatment directs radiation rays to the tumor from a machine, known as a linear accelerator, outside of the body.
  • Systemic radiation – Unlike most forms of radiation that target a specific area, systemic radiation sends radiopharmaceutical medications throughout the body to kill cancer cells that have spread beyond their point of origin.

Each patient’s ideal course of radiation therapy will depend on the type of cancer being treated, the tumor’s proximity to surrounding tissues and organs, and the patient’s overall health and care preferences. The experienced oncologists at HHMA near Arlington, MA, take an individualized approach to cancer treatment that focus on the whole person, not just the disease.

Contact Hallmark Health Medical Associates today to learn more about our radiation therapy services or how to schedule an appointment. We proudly serve families from Arlington, MA, and surrounding communities.

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