About Your Visit

To prepare for your first office visit with a one of our physicians, you may wish to have already completed the necessary paperwork required of all patients. The Forms & Policies section of this website offers convenient access to the forms you must complete before seeing your doctor. These forms will also be available at the physician’s office when you arrive for your visit.

The most important form to complete involves your personal health history. Your physician will need to know as much as possible about any previous illnesses, hospital stays, and medications you take.

If you have not already completed the required paperwork, the receptionist will give you the necessary forms. Completing all paperwork usually takes 15-20 minutes, so please arrive early so your appointment will not be delayed.

Be sure to bring along an updated list of all prescription and non-prescription medications. Be sure to include the strength (usually in milligrams) of the medicines you take and how many pills taken daily. Also note the start date of the medications or how long you have been using the medication and the prescribing physician’s name and address.

Bring a list of any conditions you are diagnosed with or current medical concerns. Try to be as specific as possible and be sure to note what you have done to treat the symptoms. If you have found something on the Internet that you think relates to symptoms you are experiencing, bring a printout of the article to share with the doctor.

Bring your health insurance information or documentation of your coverage. If your provider has issued you a card, be sure to present it to the receptionist upon arrival.

Remember to dress comfortably, keeping in mind that you will be asked to remove shoes and other clothing if you are expecting to have a physical examination.

Patients are expected to cover the expense of any co-payments required by their health insurance carrier for office visits. Patients who lack insurance coverage should discuss billing and payment requirements in advance with the office manager at your practice location.

Patients have the options of paying for the visit by mail when the bill arrives at home or online through our safe and secure option at the Pay My Bill section of this site.

If you need to cancel your appointment for any reason, we ask that you contact us at least 48 hours in advance so we can arrange for another patient to take your place in the doctor’s schedule. Keep in mind that should you cancel, it may take a few weeks to schedule a new appointment.

Patient Portal

Our Patient Portal provides safe and secure online access to better communicate with your Tufts Medical Center Community Care doctor. This easy-to-use web tool is a convenient way to book appointments, request referrals, renew prescriptions, view medical records/test results and communicate with your healthcare provider from the privacy of your own computer.


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