Hernia Surgery at Tufts Medical Center Community Care in Melrose, MA

Hernia Surgery Melrose MA Hernia surgery is one of our specialties at Tufts Medical Center Community Care, a multispecialty medical group with 80+ practitioners who serve residents of Melrose, Massachusetts, and communities throughout the northern suburbs. Our team includes board-certified surgeons who utilize the latest advances in surgical care – including robotic-assisted technology – to achieve optimal results with minimal discomfort for our patients.

What does hernia surgery involve?

There are several types of surgical approaches that may be used to repair a hernia. The most common include:

  • Open hernia repair surgery: The surgeon locates the hernia through an incision in the groin, then places it back into the abdomen and reinforces the abdominal wall.
  • Laparoscopic hernia repair surgery: A thin tool with a small camera on the end (laparoscope) is inserted through a small incision in the belly button to provide the surgeon with a magnified view of the abdomen. Specialized tools are then used to repair the hernia through other small incisions.
  • Robotic hernia repair surgery: Similar to laparoscopic surgery, a laparoscope is used, along with robotic-assisted technology, to repair the hernia and reconstruct the abdominal wall in a minimally invasive manner. This results in less pain, scaring, and a shorter hospital stay (if any at all) and a quicker recovery period.

The Tufts Medical Center Community Care difference

Tufts Medical Center Community Care provides a full spectrum of specialized hernia repair to patients right here in north suburban Boston at MelroseWakefield Hospital. Our general surgeons are board-certified general surgeons who are experts in hernia repair. Call us at 781-620-4890 to schedule an appointment with our team, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our approach to hernia surgery.

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