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Advice (163)A1C Test for DiabetesAlkaline Phosphatase TestAllergy TestsALT (SGPT) TestAmsler GridAmsler Grid: IllustrationAmylase TestAngiogramAntinuclear Antibodies TestArterial Blood Gas TestArterial Blood GasesArterial Doppler StudyArteriography, CoronaryArthroscopyAST (SGOT) TestBarium EnemaBasic Metabolic PanelBile Duct PTHC ExamBilirubin TestBiopsyBlood Culture TestBlood PressureBody Fat MeasurementBone Marrow Biopsy and AspirationBone ScanBronchoscopyBUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) TestC-Reactive Protein (CRP) TestCalcium TestCalculating Your Health Risk Using the Body Mass Index: IllustrationCancer ScreeningCardiac Event MonitorChloride Blood TestCholesterol Screening or TestingCholesterol Screening or Testing: Teen VersionClean-Catch Urine Sample: BoysClean-Catch Urine Sample: GirlsClean-Catch Urine Sample: MenClean-Catch Urine Sample: WomenColonoscopyColonoscopy and Sigmoidoscopy: IllustrationColorectal Cancer ScreeningComplete Blood Count (CBC) TestComputed Tomography (CT) ScanCoombs’ TestCoronary AngiogramCounseling during PregnancyCreatine Kinase (CK) TestCreatinine Blood TestCreatinine Clearance TestCT AngiogramCT ScanCystoscopyDEXA ScanDiabetes: Blood Sugar Self-TestingEchocardiogramEchocardiogram, IntracardiacEchocardiogram, TransesophagealEchocardiogram, Transesophageal: IllustrationElectrocardiogram (ECG or EKG)ElectrocardiographyElectrocardiography, ContinuousElectroencephalogram (EEG)Electrophysiologic Study of the Heart–Catheter Positions: IllustrationElectrophysiology Study of the HeartEndoscopy of the ChestEndoscopy, Upper Gastrointestinal (GI)ERCP ExamESR Test (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate)Excisional BiopsyExercise Stress TestEye Blood Vessel Imaging (Fluorescein Angiography)Eye ExamFood Allergy TestingFSH TestGeriatric AssessmentGlucose Tolerance TestGonorrhea and Chlamydia TestGonorrhea and Chlamydia Test: Teen VersionHDL Cholesterol TestHeart CatheterizationHeart Catheterization: IllustrationHeart Disease: Tests to Diagnose Heart DiseaseHepatitis A, B, and C Blood TestsHIDA ScanHIV TestHolter MonitorHomocysteineIntravascular UltrasoundIron TestsKetone TestingKnee ArthroscopyLaparoscopyLaparoscopy Discharge InformationLaparoscopy for Abdominal FluidLaparoscopy: IllustrationLaparotomy, ExploratoryLaparotomy, Exploratory, Discharge InformationLead TestLipase TestLipid Panel TestLiver BiopsyLiver Biopsy by LaparoscopyLiver Panel TestLumbar PunctureLung ScanMagnesium TestMagnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)Microalbumin Test and Microalbumin/Creatinine RatioMuscle Electromyogram Test (EMG)MyelogramNeedle BiopsyNeurological ExamNewborn Screening TestsOral CholecystogramPeak Flow MeterPeak Flow Meter: Teen VersionPeak Flow Record: IllustrationPET ScanPhosphorus TestPotassium TestPSA TestPsychological Evaluation and TestingPT and INR Blood Test (Bleeding Test)Pulmonary Function Tests: SpirometryRadionuclide VentriculogramRetroperitoneal Lymph Node BiopsyRheumatoid Factor TestRoutine Healthcare for MenSigmoidoscopySkin BiopsySkin Self-ExamSodium TestSputum Culture TestStrep Throat TestStress EchocardiogramTemperature, How to MeasureTemperature, How to Measure by Mouth: IllustrationTemperature, How to Measure in Armpit: IllustrationTemperature, How to Measure: Brief VersionTesticular ExplorationTesticular Self-ExamTesticular Self-Exam: IllustrationThoracentesisThyroid Hormone Blood TestThyroid ScanThyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH) TestTranscutaneous Bilirubin MeasurementTuberculosis (TB) Skin TestUltrafast CT ScanUltrasound ScanUltrasound, DiagnosticUltrasound, DopplerUpper GI EGD ExamUpper GI Series (Barium X-Ray Exam)Urinalysis (Urine Tests)Urinary Tract X-Ray (Intravenous Pyelogram, or IVP)Urine CultureUrine Culture: Teen VersionVenographyVital SignsVitamin B12 TestX-Rays

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