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Advice (128)Abdominal PainAbdominal Pain Discharge InformationAbdominal Pain: Brief VersionActivity During Illness: DecreasedAltered Level of ConsciousnessAltered Level of Consciousness Discharge InformationAlternative or Complementary Ways to Control PainAppetite During Illness: DecreasedAppetite Slump in ToddlersArch PainBackacheBad BreathBad Breath (Halitosis)Bleeding: SevereChest PainChest Pain (Angina)Chest Pain (Angina) Discharge InformationChest Pain, NoncardiacChronic Fatigue SyndromeChronic PainCluster HeadachesConfusionConstipationConstipation: Brief VersionCoughCough: Brief VersionDark Circles Under the EyesDehydrationDehydration Discharge InformationDiarrheaDiarrhea: Antibiotic-AssociatedDiarrhea: Breast-fed InfantsDiarrhea: Children (age 3 and older)Diarrhea: Formula-fed InfantsDiarrhea: Toddler (age 1 to 3 years)DizzinessDroolingDry Eye SyndromeEar: ItchyEaracheEmergency Symptoms To Watch ForExcessive Hair GrowthEye Flashes and FloatersEye IrritationEye Symptoms Needing Immediate AttentionEye Waters Too Much (Excessive Tearing)Eyelid TwitchFacial TicsFaintingFainting (Syncope)FatigueFebrile Seizures (Seizures with Fever)Febrile Seizures (Seizures with Fever): Brief VersionFeverFever Discharge InformationFever Myths and FactsFever: Brief VersionGastrointestinal Bleed, Lower, Discharge InformationGastrointestinal Bleed, Upper, Discharge InformationGastrointestinal Hemorrhage, LowerGastrointestinal Hemorrhage, UpperGeographic TongueGrowing PainsHead BangingHeadache, Muscle Tension: Brief VersionHeadache: Muscle TensionHeartburnHeat IllnessHeat ReactionsHeel PainHemifacial SpasmHiccupsIndigestionInfants: Judging the Severity of IllnessInsomniaItchingJaundice (Newborn)Jaundice and CarotenemiaJaundice of the Newborn: Brief VersionKnee PainLip, Swollen (Local Allergic Reaction)Low Back PainLow Back Pain during PregnancyLow Back Pain: Brief VersionLow Back Pain: IllustrationLow Blood PressureLymph Nodes SwollenLymph Nodes Swollen: Brief VersionLymph Nodes, EnlargedMigraine HeadacheMigraine Headache: Brief VersionMotion SicknessNauseaNausea and VomitingNeck PainNerve PainNeutropenia (Low White Blood Cell Count)NosebleedNosebleed: Brief VersionOcular MigrainePain Diary: IllustrationRectal BleedingSacroiliac Joint PainSacroiliac Pain: IllustrationSeizureSeizure Discharge InformationSeizuresSeizures without FeverShin Pain (Shin Splints)Shin Pain (Shin Splints): IllustrationSinus CongestionSinus Congestion: Brief VersionSinus HeadacheSleep During Illness: IncreasedSore Throat (Pharyngitis)Sore Throat: Brief VersionStool, Unusual ColorSweatingTension HeadacheTics (Twitches)ToothacheUnexplained Weight LossUpper Back PainUpper Back Pain: IllustrationUpper GI BleedingVomitingVomiting Diary: IllustrationVomiting: Brief Version

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