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Advice (89)Abnormal Eye Movements (Nystagmus)Age-Related Macular DegenerationBlood in the Front of the Eye (Hyphema)Bulging EyeCataractCataract: IllustrationChalazion (Lump on Eyelid)Common Vision ProblemsContact Lens CleaningContact Lens Cleaning: Teen VersionContact Lens Insertion and RemovalContact Lens Insertion and Removal: Teen VersionContact Lens Solutions: Allergy to PreservativesContact Lens: Types of Vision CorrectionContact Lens: Types of Vision Correction (Teen Version)Contact LensesContact Lenses for ChildrenContact Lenses: Preventing ProblemsContact Lenses: Preventing Problems, Teen VersionContact Lenses: Teen VersionCorneal UlcerDiabetes: Eye ProblemsDiabetes: RetinopathyDiabetic Retinopathy: IllustrationDrooping Eyelid (Ptosis)Drooping Eyelid (Ptosis) in ChildrenEye AllergiesEye Allergies: Brief VersionEye Allergy (Allergic Conjunctivitis)Eye Cancer: Melanoma in the EyeEye Cancer: Melanoma in the Eye, IllustrationEye CareEye Care ProvidersEye Flashes and Floaters: IllustrationEye Irritation: Giant Papillary ConjunctivitisEye Nerve Inflammation (Optic Neuritis)Eye: IllustrationEyeglass CareEyeglasses: Choosing LensesEyeglasses: Help Your Child AdjustEyelid Lump (Chalazion)Eyelid Spasm (Blepharospasm)Eyelid Turns In or Out (Ectropion or Entropion)Eyes Look Crossed (Pseudostrabismus)Eyes Point in Different Directions (Strabismus)EyestrainFarsightedness Due to Aging (Presbyopia)GlaucomaGlaucoma: Angle-ClosureGlaucoma: IllustrationGlaucoma: Open-AngleGrowth on the White of the Eye (Conjunctiva)High Blood Pressure and Retina ProblemsHigh Pressure in the Eye (Ocular Hypertension)Hyphema: IllustrationInflamed Eyelid (Blepharitis)Inflammation of the White of the Eye (Scleritis)Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)Macular Degeneration and NutritionMacular Degeneration: IllustrationMacular Degeneration: Intravitreal InjectionsMacular Degeneration: Photodynamic TherapyNearsightedness (Myopia)Nearsightedness and Farsightedness: IllustrationOptic Nerve Stroke (Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy)Outer Eye: IllustrationPosterior Vitreous DetachmentPosterior Vitreous Detachment: IllustrationRetinal DetachmentRetinal Detachment: IllustrationRetinal Holes and TearsRetinal Holes and Tears: IllustrationStrabismus: IllustrationStyeStye: Brief VersionStye: IllustrationSunglassesTear Duct, Blocked: Brief VersionTear Duct: BlockedTight Lens SyndromeUveitisVision Blurred (Astigmatism)Vision Changes Due to AgingVision Loss, Temporary (Amaurosis Fugax)Vision ProblemsVision Problems in ChildrenVision, Blind Spot (Scotoma)Vitreous HemorrhageVitreous Hemorrhage: Illustration

Patient Portal

myTuftsMed is our new online patient portal that provides you with access to your medical information in one place. MyTuftsMed can be accessed online or from your mobile device providing a convenient way to manage your health care needs from wherever you are.

With myTuftsMed, you can:

  1. View your health information including your medications, test results, scheduled appointments, medical bills even if you have multiple doctors in different locations.
  2. Make appointments at your convenience, complete pre-visit forms and medical questionnaires and find care or an emergency room.
  3. Connect with a doctor no matter where you are.
  4. Keep track of your children’s and family members’ medical care, view upcoming appointments, book visits and review test results.
  5. Check in on family members who need extra help, all from your private account.


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