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AAblation Treatment of Heart Rhythm ProblemsAbnormal Eye Movements (Nystagmus)About RelayClinical Patient Education Advisor Series by RelayHealth (AHA)Abuse and Domestic ViolenceAbuse During PregnancyAbuse of Older or Dependent AdultsAcanthosis Nigricans Skin ChangesACE InhibitorsAchilles Tendon InjuryAchilles Tendon Injury ExercisesAchilles Tendon Injury Exercises: IllustrationAchilles Tendon Injury: IllustrationAcneAcromegaly (Excess Growth Hormone)Active ListeningAcute BronchitisAcute Bronchitis: Brief VersionAcute Respiratory Distress SyndromeAddison's Disease (Adrenal Gland Problem)Adjustment Disorder with AnxietyAdjustment Disorder with Depressed MoodAdult Acute Lymphocytic LeukemiaAdult Children of Parents Who Abuse AlcoholAdult Day Care ProgramsAdult ImmunizationsAdult Immunizations: Brief VersionAdvance DirectivesAerobic ExerciseAge-Related Macular DegenerationAgoraphobiaAIDS-Associated CancersAIDS: Nervous System ProblemsAlcohol Abuse and DependenceAlcohol Withdrawal DeliriumAlcohol: Effects on HealthAlkaline Phosphatase TestAllergic Reaction, Severe (Anaphylaxis)Allergic RhinitisAllergiesAllergies: Controlling Your EnvironmentAllergy MedicinesAllergy TestsAlpha-Fetoprotein ScreeningAlternative or Complementary Ways to Control PainAlzheimer's DiseaseAlzheimer's Disease: Managing Common BehaviorsAmnesiaAmniocentesisAmniocentesis Test During Pregnancy: Brief VersionAmniocentesis: IllustrationAmphetamine Abuse and DependenceAmputationAmsler GridAmsler Grid: IllustrationAmylase TestAmyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's Disease)Anabolic SteroidsAnal FistulaAnemiaAnemia During PregnancyAnemia of Chronic DiseaseAneurysmAnger ManagementAngina (Chest Pain)AngiogramAngioplastyAngiotensin II Receptor BlockersAnimal and Human BitesAnkle Replacement SurgeryAnkle SprainAnorexia NervosaAntacidsAnterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) InjuryAnterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury ExercisesAnterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury Exercises: Illustration, page 1Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) ReconstructionAnterior Cruciate Ligament Injury: IllustrationAnterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: IllustrationAntianxiety MedicinesAntiarrhythmic MedicinesAntibiotic-Associated DiarrheaAnticoagulant and Antiplatelet MedicinesAntidepressant MedicinesAntidiarrheal MedicineAntinuclear Antibodies TestAntipsychotic MedicinesAntisocial Personality DisorderAnxiety DisordersAnxiety Due to a Medical ConditionAortic AneurysmAortic Aneurysm RepairAortic Aneurysm: IllustrationAortic DissectionAortic Dissection: IllustrationAortic Valve Regurgitation (Backflow)Aortic Valve Stenosis (Narrowing)AppendectomyArch PainArch Pain ExercisesArch Pain Exercises: Illustration, page 1Arch Pain Exercises: Illustration, page 2Arch Pain: IllustrationArterial Doppler StudyArthritisArthritis: Chores Made EasierArthritis: IllustrationArthroscopic Meniscal SurgeryArthroscopyArtificial Heart Valves: IllustrationAspiration PneumoniaAspirin and ArthritisAssertivenessAssisted LivingAssistive Devices for Bathing, Dressing, Eating, Grooming, Toileting, WalkingAssistive Devices for the TelephoneAssistive Listening DevicesAsthma and Tobacco SmokeAstigmatic Keratotomy: IllustrationAsymptomatic Bacteriuria (Bacteria in Urine, No Symptoms)AtherosclerosisAthlete's FootAthletic ShoesAtrial FibrillationAtrophic VaginitisAttention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in AdultsAutomated External DefibrillatorsAutomobile SafetyAvoidant Personality Disorder
BBad BreathBag of Water Breaks (Ruptured Membranes)Baker's Cyst: IllustrationBalloon Heart Valve Surgery (Balloon Valvuloplasty)Bariatric Surgery for Severe ObesityBarium EnemaBarrett’s EsophagusBartholin's Gland CystBartholin's Gland Cyst: IllustrationBathroom SafetyBehavior TherapyBenign Ovarian TumorBeta BlockersBiceps Tendon InjuryBiceps Tendon Injury ExercisesBiceps Tendon Injury Exercises: IllustrationBiceps Tendon Injury: IllustrationBiking, Rollerblading, and Skateboarding SafetyBile Duct PTHC ExamBile Duct StonesBinge Eating DisorderBiofeedbackBiological Terrorism AgentsBiological Therapy for Cancer TreatmentBiophysical ProfileBiopsyBipolar DisorderBirth Control MethodsBirth Control Patch (Ortho Evra)Birth Control PillsBirth Control SpongeBladder CancerBladder Catheter Insertion by Healthcare ProviderBladder Catheter: Indwelling Catheter CareBladder Catheter: Self CatheterizationBladder InfectionBladder Infection: Brief VersionBladder Removal (Cystectomy) for MenBladder Removal (Cystectomy) for WomenBlister from FrictionBlood ClotsBlood DonationBlood Infection from Infusion, Injection, or TransfusionBlood PressureBlood Pressure Lowering MedicineBlood TransfusionBlood Vessel Dilation with Balloon Catheter: IllustrationBody Fat MeasurementBody LiceBoils and CarbunclesBone CancerBone Chips in the Elbow (Osteochondritis Dissecans)Bone Chips in the Elbow (Osteochondritis Dissecans): IllustrationBone Chips in the Knee (Osteochondritis Dissecans)Bone Chips in the Knee (Osteochondritis Dissecans): IllustrationBone Infection (Osteomyelitis)Bone Marrow Biopsy and AspirationBone Marrow or Stem Cell TransplantBone ScanBorderline Personality DisorderBotox Treatment of WrinklesBotulismBowel HabitBowel Obstruction: Large BowelBowel Obstruction: Small BowelBradycardia (Slow Heartbeat)Brain CancerBrain, Cross Section: IllustrationBrain, Side View: IllustrationBreast BiopsyBreast Cancer in MenBreast Cancer in WomenBreast Cancer in Women: Early DetectionBreast Cancer: Follow-up After SurgeryBreast Cyst DrainageBreast EnlargementBreast ReconstructionBreast ReductionBreast Removal (Mastectomy)Breast Self-ExamBreast Self-Exam: IllustrationBreast TendernessBreathing Exercises for COPDBreech PositionBreech Position--Turning the Baby: IllustrationBreech Position: IllustrationBronchoscopyBruiseBruised Knee (Patellar Contusion) Exercises: Illustration, page 1Bruised Knee (Patellar Contusion) Exercises: Illustration, page 2Bruised Knee (Patellar Contusion): IllustrationBruised Knee ExercisesBruised KneecapBruised LiverBruised SpleenBulging EyeBulimiaBunionBunion RemovalBunion: IllustrationBurn Caused by ChemicalsBurn Caused by HeatBurns and Scalds: PreventionBursitisBursitis: Illustration
CC-SectionC-Section: IllustrationCaffeine in the DietCalcific TendonitisCalcific Tendonitis: IllustrationCalcium Channel BlockersCalcium Deposits in the Muscles (Myositis Ossificans)Calcium in the DietCalculating Your Health Risk Using the Body Mass Index: IllustrationCalf StrainCampylobacter InfectionCancer Clinical TrialsCancer in MenCancer in WomenCancer Prevention and DietCancer ScreeningCancer Treatment TeamCancer Warning SignsCane, How to Use: IllustrationCanes: How to Choose and UseCanker SoreCarbon Monoxide PoisoningCardiac Event MonitorCardiac RehabilitationCardiac TamponadeCardiogenic ShockCardiologistsCardiomyopathyCardioversion (Electrical)Caregiver's GuideCaregiver's Guide: Brief VersionCarotid Arteries: IllustrationCarotid Artery DiseaseCarotid Endarterectomy (Surgery for Blocked Carotid Artery)Carpal Tunnel Exercises: IllustrationCarpal Tunnel SyndromeCarpal Tunnel Syndrome ExercisesCarpal Tunnel Syndrome: Brief VersionCarpal Tunnel Syndrome: IllustrationCataract SurgeryCataract Surgery with Phacoemulsification: IllustrationCataract: Secondary Lens ImplantCatheter-Associated Bloodstream InfectionCauliflower EarCervical CancerCervical Effacement and Dilation During Labor: IllustrationCervical PolypsCervicitisChanging Behavior with Positive ReinforcementCharcot FootChemotherapy (Drug Therapy for Cancer)Chest Pain, NoncardiacChickenpox During PregnancyChickenpox in AdultsChild SpacingChildhood Sexual Abuse: Its Impact on Adult LifeChlamydial Infection in MenChlamydial Infection in WomenChloride Blood TestCholecystitisCholesterolCholesterol: Controlling with Lifestyle ChangesChoosing a DentistChoosing a Healthcare Provider for Your PregnancyChoosing a Mental Health TherapistChoosing a Primary Care ProviderChorionic Villus Sampling (CVS): IllustrationChorionic Villus Sampling (Genetic Test) During PregnancyChronic Ankle LaxityChronic Ankle Laxity ExercisesChronic Ankle Laxity Exercises: Illustration, page 1Chronic Ankle Laxity Exercises: Illustration, page 2Chronic BronchitisChronic Fatigue SyndromeChronic Kidney DiseaseChronic Lymphocytic LeukemiaChronic Myelogenous LeukemiaChronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)Chronic PainChronic Venous InsufficiencyCircuit TrainingCirculatory System: IllustrationCirrhosisClean-Catch Urine Sample: MenClean-Catch Urine Sample: WomenClostridium Difficile InfectionClub Drug Abuse and DependenceCluster HeadachesCocaine Abuse and DependenceCognitive TherapyCognitive-Behavioral TherapyCold MedicinesCold Sore (Fever Blister)ColdsCollapsed Lung: Injury-RelatedCollapsed Lung: Non-Injury-RelatedCollarbone (Clavicle) FractureColles' FractureColon and Rectal CancerColon Resection (Colon Removal)ColonoscopyColonoscopy and Sigmoidoscopy: IllustrationColorectal Cancer ScreeningColostomy and IleostomyColostomy: IllustrationColposcopy (Exam of Vagina and Cervix)Colposcopy: IllustrationComaComfort CareCommon Vision ProblemsCommunication in Intimate RelationshipsCommunity Services for People 60 and OlderCommunity-Acquired Antibiotic-Resistant Staph Infection (CA-MRSA)Compartment SyndromeCompression Fracture of the SpineCompression Fracture of the Spine: IllustrationConcussionCondom: FemaleCondom: MaleCone Biopsy of the CervixCone Biopsy of the Cervix: IllustrationConflict ManagementConfusionCongregate MealsContact Dermatitis: Brief VersionContact Lens CleaningContact Lens Insertion and RemovalContact Lens Solutions: Allergy to PreservativesContact Lens: Types of Vision CorrectionContact LensesContact Lenses: Preventing ProblemsContinuing Care Retirement CommunitiesContraction Stress TestCoombs’ TestCoping with Cancer TreatmentCoping with DivorceCoping with MiscarriageCoping with Sexual AssaultCoping with the Suicide of a Loved OneCor PulmonaleCorneal TransplantCorneal UlcerCorns and CallusesCoronary AngiogramCoronary Artery Bypass SurgeryCoronary Artery Bypass Surgery: IllustrationCoronary Artery DiseaseCoronary Artery SpasmCoronary Artery Stent: IllustrationCoronary Intensive Care UnitCorticosteroidsCortisone (Steroid) ShotCostochondritisCounseling during PregnancyCPAP MachineCPAP Machine: IllustrationCreating and Keeping Intimacy in Your LifeCreatinine Clearance TestCrohn's DiseaseCross TrainingCryosurgeryCT AngiogramCushing's Syndrome (Excess Cortisol Hormone)CyclothymiaCystoceleCystocele and Rectocele RepairCystocele RepairCystocele: IllustrationCystoscopyCytomegalovirus During Pregnancy
DDaily Aspirin for Heart Disease and Stroke PreventionDanger Signs in PregnancyDASH DietDe Quervain's TenosynovitisDe Quervain's Tenosynovitis ExercisesDe Quervain's Tenosynovitis Exercises: IllustrationDe Quervain's Tenosynovitis: IllustrationDecisional CapacityDeep Heat TreatmentDeep Vein ThrombosisDeliriumDelusional DisorderDementiaDementia: Brief VersionDementia: Caring for Someone with DementiaDental Care for Older AdultsDenture CareDependent Personality DisorderDepersonalization DisorderDepo-ProveraDepressionDepression Due to a Medical ConditionDepression in Older AdultsDepression: Brief VersionDermatitis: Atopic (Eczema)Dermatitis: ContactDermatitis: SeborrheicDEXA ScanDiabetes Action Plan: Illustration, page 1Diabetes Action Plan: Illustration, page 2Diabetes and Foot CareDiabetes and Heart DiseaseDiabetes and Sexual ProblemsDiabetes: Alcohol in the DietDiabetes: An OverviewDiabetes: Eating OutDiabetes: Eye ProblemsDiabetes: Managing Your DietDiabetes: Nerve DamageDiabetes: Preparing for PregnancyDiabetes: RetinopathyDiabetic Retinopathy: IllustrationDiaphragmDiarrhea: Brief VersionDiastolic Heart FailureDiet During PregnancyDietary SupplementsDigoxinDilation and Curettage (D&C)Discharge PlanningDissociative Identity DisorderDiureticsDiverticulitisDiverticulosisDiverticulosis: IllustrationDizzinessDrinking Fluids during PregnancyDrooping Eyelid (Ptosis)Drug Testing in SportsDrug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Use During PregnancyDrug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Use During Pregnancy: Brief VersionDry Eye SyndromeDry MouthDupuytren's ContractureDupuytren's Contracture: Illustration
EE. Coli InfectionEar Infection: Middle EarEar Surgery for Hearing Loss: Stapedectomy (Replacement of Stapes)EarwaxEating Foods Low in Salt: Brief VersionEating Healthy Foods When You Are Pregnant: Brief VersionEchocardiogramEchocardiogram, IntracardiacEchocardiogram, TransesophagealEchocardiogram, Transesophageal: IllustrationEcstasy AbuseEctopic PregnancyEctopic Pregnancy: IllustrationEdemaEhrlichiosisElbow BursitisElbow Bursitis: IllustrationElbow DislocationElbow Fracture, Radial Head, Exercises: IllustrationElbow Fracture, Radial Head: ExercisesElbow Fracture, Radial Head: IllustrationElbow Fracture: Radial HeadElbow SprainElectric ShockElectric Shock: Prevention of InjuriesElectrical Nerve StimulationElectrocardiogram (ECG or EKG)Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)Electrophysiologic Study of the Heart--Catheter Positions: IllustrationElectrophysiology Study of the HeartEmergency Birth ControlEmotional Changes during PregnancyEmphysemaEmpty Nest SyndromeEndometrial AblationEndometrial BiopsyEndometrial Cancer (Cancer of the Uterus)EndometriosisEndoscopy of the ChestEnergy DrinksEnlarged Prostate (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia)EpididymitisEpisiotomyERCP ExamErectile DysfunctionErythema Multiforme and Stevens-Johnson SyndromeEsophageal CancerEsophageal DilationEsophageal VaricesESR Test (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate)Essential TremorEstimating Gestational AgeExcessive Daytime Sleepiness (Idiopathic Hypersomnia)Excessive Hair GrowthExcision of a Skin LesionExcisional BiopsyExercise After Your Baby is BornExercise During PregnancyExercise for Older AdultsExercise Stress TestExercise to Stay HealthyExercise to Stay Healthy: Brief VersionExercise-Induced AsthmaExercise: If You’re OverweightExercise: Starting an Exercise ProgramExercises for the WorkplaceExercises for the Workplace: IllustrationExercises to Strengthen Muscles During PregnancyExercises to Strengthen Muscles During Pregnancy, Page 1: IllustrationExercises to Strengthen Muscles During Pregnancy, Page 2: IllustrationExercising When You Are SickExhibitionismExternal Fetal MonitoringExternal Repositioning of the Baby during PregnancyEye Allergy (Allergic Conjunctivitis)Eye Blood Vessel Imaging (Fluorescein Angiography)Eye Cancer: Melanoma in the EyeEye Cancer: Melanoma in the Eye, IllustrationEye CareEye Care ProvidersEye ExamEye First AidEye Flashes and FloatersEye Flashes and Floaters: IllustrationEye Infection: Chlamydial ConjunctivitisEye Injury: IrisEye Injury: Optic NerveEye Irritation: Giant Papillary ConjunctivitisEye Nerve Inflammation (Optic Neuritis)Eye Socket Infection (Orbital Cellulitis)Eye Symptoms Needing Immediate AttentionEye Waters Too Much (Excessive Tearing)Eyedrops and Ointments: How to UseEyeglass CareEyelid Lump (Chalazion)Eyelid Spasm (Blepharospasm)Eyelid SurgeryEyelid TwitchEyestrain
FFaceliftFacial TicsFaintingFallsFarsightedness Due to Aging (Presbyopia)FatigueFeminine HygieneFemur Fracture and Repair: IllustrationFertility DrugsFetal Alcohol SyndromeFetal Lung Maturity TestFetal Scalp SamplingFetishismFibrocystic Breast ChangesFibromyalgiaFinding Services for People 60 and Older: Brief VersionFinger DislocationFinger Dislocation ExercisesFinger Dislocation Exercises: IllustrationFinger or Toe AmputationFirst Aid SuppliesFluids and ExerciseFood AllergyFood and FeelingsFood PoisoningFoot CareFoot Fracture, Fifth Metatarsal Fracture Exercises: Illustration, page 1Foot Fracture, Fifth Metatarsal Fracture Exercises: Illustration, page 2Foot Fracture, Fifth Metatarsal Fracture: IllustrationFoot Fracture: Fifth Metatarsal FractureFoot Fracture: Fifth Metatarsal Fracture ExercisesFoot SprainFoot Sprain ExercisesFoot Sprain Exercises: Illustration, page 1Foot Sprain Exercises: Illustration, page 2Foot Sprain: IllustrationFrotteurismFrozen ShoulderFrozen Shoulder ExercisesFrozen Shoulder Exercises: IllustrationFunctional Urinary Incontinence
GGalactorrhea (Nipple Discharge)Gallbladder CancerGallbladder DietGallbladder Drainage: CholecystostomyGallbladder Removal: Laparoscopic CholecystectomyGallbladder Removal: Open CholecystectomyGallstonesGallstones: IllustrationGambling DisorderGanglion CystGanglion Cyst RemovalGanglion Cyst: IllustrationGastritisGastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)Gastrointestinal Amebiasis (Food Poisoning)Gastrostomy Feeding Tube PlacementGender DysphoriaGeneralized Anxiety DisorderGeneric DrugsGenetic Screening Before or During PregnancyGenital HerpesGenital Warts and HPV InfectionGeriatric AssessmentGeriatric Care ManagerGestational DiabetesGetting Ready for PregnancyGingivitis (Gum Disease)GlaucomaGlaucoma: Angle-ClosureGlaucoma: Argon Laser TreatmentGlaucoma: Diode Laser TreatmentGlaucoma: IllustrationGlaucoma: Laser Surgery on the IrisGlaucoma: Open-AngleGlaucoma: Surgery to Lower Eye PressureGlaucoma: Types of SurgeryGluteal StrainGluteal Strain ExercisesGluteal Strain Exercises: IllustrationGluteal Strain: IllustrationGolfer's Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis)Golfer's Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis) Exercises: IllustrationGolfer's Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis): IllustrationGolfer's Elbow ExercisesGonorrhea and Chlamydia TestGonorrhea in MenGonorrhea in WomenGoutGrains in the DietGrandparents Raising GrandchildrenGraves' Disease (Thyroid Gland Problem)Grief and LossGroin HerniaGroin Hernia RepairGroin Hernia: Brief VersionGroin Hernia: IllustrationGroin StrainGroin Strain ExercisesGroin Strain Exercises: IllustrationGroin Strain: IllustrationGroup A Strep Invasive DiseaseGroup B Strep during PregnancyGroup TherapyGrowth on the White of the Eye (Conjunctiva)Guillain-Barré Syndrome
HH. Pylori InfectionHair Loss in MenHair Loss in WomenHair-Pulling DisorderHallucinationsHallucinogen Abuse and DependenceHammertoeHammertoe RepairHamstring StrainHamstring Strain ExercisesHamstring Strain Exercises: IllustrationHamstring Strain: IllustrationHand WashingHaving an Ultrasound When You Are Pregnant: Brief VersionHay FeverHead LiceHealth Benefits for VeteransHealth InsuranceHealth Insurance: MedicareHealthcare-Acquired Antibiotic-Resistant Staph Infection (HA-MRSA)Healthy Breakfast IdeasHealthy Conflict for CouplesHealthy DietHealthy Diet: Brief VersionHealthy FamiliesHealthy Lifestyle for Older AdultsHealthy Weight GainHearing AidsHearing LossHeart AttackHeart Attack: Brief VersionHeart Attack: Warning SignsHeart BlockHeart CatheterizationHeart Catheterization: IllustrationHeart Disease in WomenHeart Disease PreventionHeart Disease: Safe ExerciseHeart Disease: Tests to Diagnose Heart DiseaseHeart Disease: Warning SignsHeart FailureHeart Infection (Endocarditis)Heart Muscle Inflammation (Myocarditis)Heart PalpitationsHeart Rhythm Problem (Arrhythmia)Heart TransplantHeart TumorHeart Valve ReplacementHeart, External View: IllustrationHeartburnHeartburn during PregnancyHeat IllnessHeat TreatmentHeel PainHemifacial SpasmHemodialysis: IllustrationHemorrhoid BandingHemorrhoid Surgery (Hemorrhoidectomy)HemorrhoidsHemorrhoids: Brief VersionHemorrhoids: IllustrationHepatitis A, B, and C Blood TestsHepatitis BHepatitis CHerniated DiskHerniated Disk ExercisesHerniated Disk Exercises: IllustrationHerniated Disk: IllustrationHerpes EncephalitisHerpes Infection During PregnancyHerpes Simplex Eye InfectionsHerpes Skin Infection (Herpes Gladiatorum)Herpes Zoster (Shingles) Eye InfectionsHiatal HerniaHiatal Hernia: IllustrationHIDA ScanHidradenitisHigh Blood Pressure and Retina ProblemsHigh Blood Pressure: Essential HypertensionHigh Blood Pressure: Secondary HypertensionHigh Pressure in the Eye (Ocular Hypertension)Hip (Trochanteric) Bursitis ExercisesHip (Trochanteric) Bursitis Exercises: IllustrationHip (Trochanteric) Bursitis: IllustrationHip Anatomy: IllustrationHip BursitisHip Flexor StrainHip Flexor Strain ExercisesHip Flexor Strain Exercises: IllustrationHip Flexor Strain: IllustrationHip FractureHip Fracture: IllustrationHip Fracture: PreventionHip PointerHip Pointer: IllustrationHip Replacement SurgeryHip Replacement: IllustrationHip Replacement: Rehabilitation after SurgeryHistoplasmosisHistrionic Personality DisorderHIV Infection from Blood TransfusionsHIV TestHIV, AIDS, and PregnancyHIV: Risk Factors and PreventionHIV/AIDS and the EyesHodgkin LymphomaHolter MonitorHome Exercise EquipmentHome Exercise on a BudgetHome HealthcareHome Remodeling for Comfort and SafetyHomocysteineHospiceHot Flashes Caused by MenopauseHousehold or Chemical Exposure during PregnancyHousing Options for SeniorsHow to Choose a Nursing FacilityHow to Choose a Nursing Home: Brief VersionHow to Take Care of Your TeethHuntington's DiseaseHyperosmolar Hyperglycemic Nonketotic StateHyperthyroidism (High Thyroid Level)Hyperthyroidism (High Thyroid Level): Brief VersionHyperventilation SyndromeHypnotherapyHypocalcemia (Low Calcium)Hypokalemia (Low Potassium)Hypothyroidism (Low Thyroid Level)Hypothyroidism (Low Thyroid Level): Brief VersionHysterosalpingogramHysteroscopy
IIce Treatment for InjuriesIleostomy: IllustrationIliotibial Band Syndrome ExercisesIliotibial Band Syndrome Exercises: Illustration, page 1Iliotibial Band Syndrome Exercises: Illustration, page 2Iliotibial Band Syndrome in the KneeIliotibial Band Syndrome: IllustrationIllness Anxiety DisorderImpetigoImplantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD)In Vitro Fertilization (Fertility Treatment)Incision and Drainage of a JointIndigestionInduction of LaborInferior Vena Cava Filter PlacementInfertility in MenInfertility in Men: Brief VersionInfertility in WomenInfertility in Women: Brief VersionInflammation of the White of the Eye (Scleritis)Information about Your MedicineIngrown Toenail RemovalInhalant Abuse and DependenceInsect Bites and StingsInsomniaIntermittent Explosive DisorderInternal Fetal MonitoringIntestinal AdhesionsIntestinal Gas (Flatulence)Intraaortic Balloon PumpIntrauterine Device (IUD)Intrauterine Growth Restriction (Slow Growth of Baby during Pregnancy)Intravascular UltrasoundIron Overload Disease (Hemochromatosis)Iron TestsIrritable Bowel Syndrome: Brief Version
JJackson-Pratt Drain for WoundsJealousyJersey Finger (Torn Flexor Tendon of the Hand)Jersey Finger: IllustrationJet LagJoint Aspiration (Arthrocentesis)Joint FusionJumper's Knee (Patellar Tendon Injury)Jumper's Knee (Patellar Tendon Injury) Exercises: Illustration, page 1Jumper's Knee (Patellar Tendon Injury) Exercises: Illustration, page 2Jumper's Knee (Patellar Tendon Injury): IllustrationJumper's Knee Exercises
KKeeping a Food DiaryKeeping a Healthy Weight When You Have High Blood Pressure: Brief VersionKeeping Your Mind AlertKegel ExercisesKegel Exercises: Brief VersionKidney BiopsyKidney Cancer (Renal Cell Carcinoma)Kidney DialysisKidney FailureKidney InfectionKidney Removal (Radical Nephrectomy)Kidney Removal (Simple or Partial Nephrectomy)Kidney StoneKidney Stone: Shock Wave Treatment (Lithotripsy)KleptomaniaKnee (Pes Anserine) Bursitis Exercises: IllustrationKnee ArthroscopyKnee BursitisKnee Bursitis (Pes Anserine Bursitis): IllustrationKnee Bursitis ExercisesKnee DislocationKnee PainKnee Replacement SurgeryKnee Replacement: IllustrationKnee SprainKneecap (Patellar) FractureKneecap (Prepatellar) Bursitis Exercises: IllustrationKneecap (Prepatellar) Bursitis Rehabilitation ExercisesKneecap (Prepatellar) Bursitis: IllustrationKneecap Subluxation
LLabor and DeliveryLabyrinthitis and Vestibular NeuritisLabyrinthitis and Vestibular Neuritis: IllustrationLactose IntoleranceLaminectomyLaparoscopyLaparoscopy for Abdominal FluidLaparoscopy for Tubal LigationLaparoscopy to Remove the OvariesLaparoscopy: IllustrationLaryngeal CancerLaryngitisLaser Revascularization of the HeartLASIK SurgeryLASIK Surgery for Farsightedness Due to Aging (Presbyopia)LASIK: IllustrationLater ChildbearingLateral Collateral Ligament InjuryLateral Collateral Ligament Injury Exercises: Illustration, page 1Lateral Collateral Ligament Injury Exercises: Illustration, page 2Lateral Collateral Ligament Injury: IllustrationLateral Collateral Ligament Sprain ExercisesLEEP/LLETZLeft Ventricular AneurysmLeg Cramps Caused by Peripheral Vascular Disease (Intermittent Claudication)Leg Cramps during PregnancyLeg Numbness during PregnancyLegionnaires' DiseaseLetting Go of ResentmentLipase TestLipid Panel TestLiposuctionListeriosis Food PoisoningLiver BiopsyLiver Biopsy by LaparoscopyLiver CancerLiving Successfully with Mental IllnessLiving with a Mentally Ill PersonLoneliness in Older AdultsLoneliness in Older Adults: Brief VersionLong-Term-Care InsuranceLosing WeightLoss of AppetiteLoss of Control of Bowel Movements (Fecal Incontinence)Low Back PainLow Back Pain during PregnancyLow Back Pain: Brief VersionLow Back Pain: IllustrationLow Blood PressureLow TestosteroneLow-Salt DietLumbar StenosisLumpectomyLung AspirationLung CancerLung ScanLymph Nodes, EnlargedLymphedema
MMénière’s DiseaseMacular Degeneration and NutritionMacular Degeneration: IllustrationMacular Degeneration: Intravitreal InjectionsMacular Degeneration: Laser SurgeryMacular Degeneration: Photodynamic TherapyMad Cow DiseaseMagnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)Major DepressionMalariaMale Sling for Urinary IncontinenceMallet Finger (Baseball Finger)Malposition of Vertex (Baby's Head Turned in Wrong Position for Delivery)MammogramManagement of Your Personal HealthMarfan SyndromeMarshall-Marchetti-Krantz ProcedureMasochismMaternal and Fetal Risk AssessmentMeals On WheelsMedial Collateral Ligament InjuryMedial Collateral Ligament Injury Exercises: Illustration, page 1Medial Collateral Ligament Injury Exercises: Illustration, page 2Medial Collateral Ligament Injury: IllustrationMedial Collateral Ligament Sprain ExercisesMedicaidMedicine-Related ProblemsMedicines to Keep on HandMedicines to Treat Constipation: LaxativesMedicines to Treat Inflammation (Anti-Inflammatory Medicines)Medicines: Using Them SafelyMelanomaMeniscal (Cartilage) Tear ExercisesMeniscal (Cartilage) Tear Exercises: Illustration, page 1Meniscal (Cartilage) Tear Exercises: Illustration, page 2Menopausal Hormone TherapyMenopauseMenstrual CrampsMenstruation: Bleeding Between PeriodsMenstruation: Heavy BleedingMenstruation: Missed PeriodsMenstruation: Missed Periods in AthletesMenstruation: Your Menstrual CycleMental Health InsuranceMental Illness during PregnancyMetatarsalgiaMetatarsalgia: IllustrationMigraine Headache: Brief VersionMiscarriageMissed Menstrual Periods: Brief VersionMitral Valve ProlapseMitral Valve Regurgitation (Backflow)Mitral Valve StenosisMitral Valve, Normal and Prolapsed: IllustrationMorning SicknessMorton's NeuromaMorton's Neuroma: IllustrationMultiple MyelomaMultiple PregnancyMultiple SclerosisMultiple Sclerosis--Damaged Myelin: IllustrationMuscle ContractureMuscle CrampMuscle Electromyogram Test (EMG)Muscle StrainMyasthenia GravisMyelodysplastic SyndromesMyelogramMyths about Aging
NNarcissistic Personality DisorderNarcolepsyNarcotic Abuse and DependenceNasal PolypsNasal Septum SurgeryNatural Family PlanningNausea and VomitingNearsightedness (Myopia)Nearsightedness: Corneal Ring TreatmentNeck InjuriesNeck SpasmNeck Spasm ExercisesNeck Spasm Exercises: IllustrationNeck StrainNeck Strain ExercisesNeck Strain Exercises: Illustration, page 1Neck Strain Exercises: Illustration, page 2Needle BiopsyNerve PainNeurogenic BladderNeurological ExamNeutropeniaNicotine Abuse and DependenceNightmares and Night TerrorsNipple DischargeNitroglycerin and Other Nitrate MedicinesNoise and Hearing LossNon-Hodgkin LymphomaNonbacterial Prostatitis (Inflammation of the Prostate Gland)Nonprescription MedicinesNonreassuring Fetal StatusNonstress Test During PregnancyNormal Growth of a Baby During PregnancyNormal Pregnancy: IllustrationNormal Pressure HydrocephalusNose Reconstruction (Rhinoplasty)Nuchal Translucency Screening Test During PregnancyNutrition for Healthy Aging
OObesityObsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)Occupational TherapyOcular MigraineOptic Nerve Stroke (Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy)Oral CholecystogramOrthostatic HypotensionOsteitis Pubis: IllustrationOsteoarthritisOsteoporosis in MenOsteoporosis in WomenOsteoporosis: IllustrationOstomy CareOvarian CancerOvarian CystOver-PronationOverflow IncontinenceOveruse Injury
PPacemakerPacemaker or Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) SurgeryPacemaker SyndromePacemaker: IllustrationPaget's Disease of BonePaget's Disease of the NipplePain Relief in Labor and DeliveryPainful SexPancreatic CancerPancreatitis, AcutePancreatitis, Acute: Brief VersionPancreatitis, ChronicPanic DisorderPap TestPap Test: IllustrationParanoid Personality DisorderParathyroid Gland Removal (Parathyroidectomy)Parkinson's DiseaseParotid Gland Removal (Parotidectomy)Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia (Fast Heartbeat)Patient-Controlled Analgesia System (PCA)PCP Abuse and DependencePedophiliaPelvic Avulsion Fractures: IllustrationPelvic Bone Avulsion FracturePelvic ExamPelvic Inflammatory DiseasePelvic Support ProblemsPerforated UlcerPericardiocentesis of the HeartPericarditisPericardium: IllustrationPeriodontal Gum DiseasePeripheral Artery DiseasePeripheral NeuropathyPeritoneal Dialysis: IllustrationPeroneal Tendon InjuryPeroneal Tendon Injury ExercisesPeroneal Tendon Injury Exercises: IllustrationPeroneal Tendon Injury: IllustrationPersistent Depressive DisorderPersonal Emergency Response SystemsPersonal Exercise PlanPET ScanPets and Older AdultsPheochromocytomaPhobiasPhysical TherapyPiriformis SyndromePiriformis Syndrome ExercisesPiriformis Syndrome Exercises: IllustrationPiriformis Syndrome: IllustrationPituitary Gland TumorPlacenta PreviaPlacenta Previa: IllustrationPlacental AbruptionPlantar FasciitisPlantar Fasciitis ExercisesPlantar Fasciitis Exercises: Illustration, page 1Plantar Fasciitis Exercises: Illustration, page 2Plantar Fasciitis: IllustrationPlantar Wart on FootPlantar Warts: IllustrationPlaque Buildup in Arteries: IllustrationPleural EffusionPleurisyPneumococcal PneumoniaPneumococcal ShotPoison Ivy, Sumac, and OakPolycystic Ovary SyndromePolymyalgia RheumaticaPolymyositis and DermatomyositisPolyps in the Colon or RectumPositional VertigoPositive Self-TalkPost-Polio SyndromePosterior Cruciate Ligament InjuryPosterior Cruciate Ligament Injury ExercisesPosterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Exercises: IllustrationPosterior Cruciate Ligament Injury: IllustrationPosterior Tibial Tendon InjuryPosterior Tibial Tendon Injury ExercisesPosterior Tibial Tendon Injury Exercises: IllustrationPosterior Tibial Tendon Injury: IllustrationPosterior Vitreous DetachmentPosterior Vitreous Detachment: IllustrationPostherpetic NeuralgiaPostmenopausal BleedingPostpartum Bleeding, SeverePostpartum CarePostpartum DepressionPostpartum Tubal LigationPre-Workout MealsPrecancerous Changes in the CervixPreeclampsiaPregnancy Beyond 42 WeeksPregnancy: Prenatal Exams, Tests, and ProceduresPregnancy: Signs of Early PregnancyPregnancy: Tests to See If You Are PregnantPremature EjaculationPremenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)Prenatal CarePrescription Drug Abuse and DependencePressure Ulcer (Bedsore)Pressure Ulcer (Bedsore): PreventionPreterm LaborPRICE: Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation for InjuriesPRK Laser SurgeryProblem-SolvingProlapsed Umbilical CordPronation and Supination: IllustrationProper Sitting, Standing, and Lifting at WorkProper Sitting, Standing, and Lifting: IllustrationProstate CancerProstate Gland RemovalProstate ProblemsProstate Surgery: Transurethral Resection (TURP)Prostatitis (Inflammation of the Prostate Gland)Protecting Yourself from CancerPSA TestPseudogoutPsoriasisPsoriatic ArthritisPsychosisPubic Bone Stress Injury (Osteitis Pubis)Pubic LicePulmonary EdemaPulmonary EmbolismPulmonary FibrosisPulmonary HypertensionPyromania
RRabiesRadiation TherapyRadionuclide VentriculogramRaynaud's DiseaseRectal BleedingRectoceleRectocele: IllustrationReiter's SyndromeRelaxation TechniquesRenovascular HypertensionRespite CareRestless Legs SyndromeRestraintsRetinal DetachmentRetinal Detachment: IllustrationRetinal Holes and TearsRetinal Holes and Tears: IllustrationRetroperitoneal Lymph Node BiopsyRh IncompatibilityRhabdomyolysisRheumatoid ArthritisRheumatoid Factor TestRhomboid Strain or SpasmRhomboid Strain or Spasm ExercisesRhomboid Strain or Spasm Exercises: IllustrationRinging in the Ears (Tinnitus)RingwormRocky Mountain Spotted FeverRoot Canal TreatmentRosaceaRotator Cuff InjuryRotator Cuff Injury ExercisesRotator Cuff Injury Exercises: Illustration, page 1Rotator Cuff Injury Exercises: Illustration, page 2Rotator Cuff Injury: IllustrationRound Ligament Pain in PregnancyRoutine Healthcare for MenRoutine Healthcare for WomenRubella (German Measles) During PregnancyRunner’s KneeRunning InjuriesRunning or JoggingRunning Shoe Anatomy: IllustrationRunning Shoes: Finding the Right FitRuptured Eardrum
SSacroiliac Joint PainSacroiliac Joint Pain ExercisesSacroiliac Pain Exercises: IllustrationSacroiliac Pain: IllustrationSadismSafe Driving for Older AdultsSafety EyewearSalivary Gland InfectionSalivary Glands: IllustrationSalmonellosis Food PoisoningSarcoidosisSchizoaffective DisorderSchizoid Personality DisorderSchizophreniaSchizophreniform DisorderSciaticaSciatica: IllustrationSclerodermaSeasonal Affective DisorderSeborrheic KeratosisSecondhand SmokeSedative Abuse and DependenceSeizuresSeizures: Brief VersionSelf-EsteemSelf-Harming BehaviorsSenior CentersSensual TouchSeptic ArthritisSesamoid Injury of the FootSesamoid Injury of the Foot: IllustrationSetting a Broken Bone Without Surgery (Closed Reduction)Sex After a Heart AttackSex and Birth Control After ChildbirthSex During PregnancySex TherapySexual AbstinenceSexual AddictionSexual Assault and RapeSexual ProblemsSexual Response in MenSexual Response in WomenSexuality and AgingSexually Transmitted DiseasesSexually Transmitted Diseases and PregnancyShared Psychotic DisorderShigellosis Food PoisoningShin Pain (Shin Splints)Shin Pain (Shin Splints) ExercisesShin Pain (Shin Splints) Exercises: Illustration, page 1Shin Pain (Shin Splints) Exercises: Illustration, page 2Shin Pain (Shin Splints): IllustrationShinglesShoes: Choosing Shoes That FitShoulder Anatomy: IllustrationShoulder BursitisShoulder Bursitis ExercisesShoulder Bursitis Exercises: IllustrationShoulder Bursitis: IllustrationShoulder Cartilage Tear (Labral Tear)Shoulder Cartilage Tear (Labral Tear): IllustrationShoulder DislocationShoulder DystociaShoulder InjuryShoulder Replacement SurgeryShoulder SeparationShoulder Separation ExercisesShoulder Separation Exercises: Illustration, page 1Shoulder Separation Exercises: Illustration, page 2Shoulder Separation Exercises: Illustration, page 3Shoulder Separation: IllustrationShoulder SubluxationShoulder Subluxation ExercisesShoulder Subluxation Exercises: Illustration, page 1Shoulder Subluxation Exercises: Illustration, page 2Shoulder Subluxation Exercises: Illustration, page 3Shoulder Subluxation Exercises: Illustration, page 4SigmoidoscopySinus HeadacheSinusitisSjögren’s SyndromeSkier's Thumb (Ulnar Collateral Ligament Sprain)Skier's Thumb (Ulnar Collateral Ligament Sprain) ExercisesSkier's Thumb (Ulnar Collateral Ligament Sprain) Exercises: IllustrationSkier's Thumb (Ulnar Collateral Ligament Sprain): IllustrationSkin BiopsySkin CancerSkin Care and Protection for Older AdultsSkin Changes During PregnancySkin Infection Around a Fingernail or Toenail (Paronychia)Skin or Soft Tissue AbscessSkin ResurfacingSkin Self-ExamSleep ApneaSleep ProblemsSleeping PillsSling: How to UseSmallpox VaccineSmokeless TobaccoSmoking During Pregnancy and Around Infants and ChildrenSmoking--A Threat to HealthSmoking: How to QuitSnakebiteSnapping Hip SyndromeSnapping Hip Syndrome ExercisesSnapping Hip Syndrome Exercises: IllustrationSnoringSocial Anxiety DisorderSocial SupportSoft Diet and Mechanical Soft DietSoft Tissue SarcomaSomatization DisorderSore ThroatSpermicideSpinal Cord InjurySpinal FusionSpleen: IllustrationSplinterSplit-Thickness Skin GraftSpondylolysis and SpondylolisthesisSpondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis ExercisesSpondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis Exercises: IllustrationSpondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis: IllustrationSports HerniaSports Hernia: IllustrationSprainSputum Culture TestStaging of CancerStatin MedicinesStaying Healthy As You Grow OlderSternoclavicular Joint SeparationSternoclavicular Joint Separation ExercisesSternoclavicular Joint Separation Exercises: Illustration, page 1Sternoclavicular Joint Separation Exercises: Illustration, page 2Sternoclavicular Joint Separation: IllustrationStinger/BurnerStinger/Burner (Brachial Plexus Injury) Exercises: IllustrationStinger/Burner (Brachial Plexus Injury): IllustrationStinger/Burner ExercisesStomach and Duodenal Ulcer: IllustrationStomach CancerStomach FluStrength Training BasicsStrength Training: Lower Body ExercisesStrength Training: Lower Body Exercises, IllustrationStrength Training: Upper Body ExercisesStrength Training: Upper Body Exercises, IllustrationStrep ThroatStressStress EchocardiogramStress FracturesStress Fractures of the Leg and Foot: IllustrationStress Incontinence in WomenStress Management: Brief VersionStress Management: Deep BreathingStress Management: Mental ImagingStress Management: MindfulnessStress Management: Progressive Muscle RelaxationStretchingStretching and Strengthening Exercises After Your Baby Is BornStretching and Strengthening Exercises After Your Baby Is Born, Page 1: IllustrationStretching and Strengthening Exercises After Your Baby Is Born, Page 2: IllustrationStretching Exercises: Illustration, page 1Stretching Exercises: Illustration, page 2StrokeStroke RehabilitationStroke: Brief VersionStroke: Life After a StrokeStroke: Reducing the RiskSubstance-Induced Anxiety DisorderSubstance-Induced Mood DisorderSudden Cardiac ArrestSugar SubstitutesSuicideSuperficial ThrombophlebitisSurgery to Close the Cervix (Cervical Cerclage)Surgery to Set a Broken BoneSurgical Site InfectionSurgical ValvuloplastySwallowing ProblemsSwelling in the Hands and Feet during PregnancySwimmer's Ear (Outer Ear Infection)Swimmer's ItchSwimming and Water ExerciseSyphilisSyphilis During PregnancySystemic Lupus Erythematosus
TTachycardia (Fast Heartbeat)Tailbone Cyst (Pilonidal Cyst)Tailbone Cyst RemovalTailbone InjuriesTaking Care of Your Cholesterol: Brief VersionTalking to Your Healthcare ProviderTalking with Your Provider or Pharmacist About Your MedicinesTanning BedsTardive DyskinesiaTaste and Smell DisordersTemporal ArteritisTemporary Cardiac PacingTemporomandibular Joint (TMJ) DisorderTemporomandibular Joint: IllustrationTendon InjuryTennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)Tension HeadacheTermination of Pregnancy (Induced Abortion)Testicle RemovalTesticular CancerTesticular ExplorationTesticular Self-ExamTesticular Self-Exam: IllustrationTests You May Need While You Are Pregnant: Brief VersionTetanusThe Human HeartThe Stresses of Chronic DiseaseTherapeutic RecreationThigh Bruise and Strain (Quadriceps Contusion)Thigh Bruise and Strain (Quadriceps Contusion) Exercises: IllustrationThigh Bruise and Strain (Quadriceps Contusion): IllustrationThigh Bruise and Strain ExercisesThigh Nerve ProblemThigh Nerve Problems (Meralgia Paresthetica): IllustrationThighbone (Femur) FractureThoracentesisThoracic Outlet SyndromeThoracic Outlet Syndrome ExercisesThoracic Outlet Syndrome Exercises: IllustrationThoracic Outlet Syndrome: IllustrationThroat CancerThrombolytic MedicinesThumb SprainThumb Sprain ExercisesThumb Sprain Exercises: IllustrationThyroid CancerThyroid Eye DiseaseThyroid Gland Removal (Thyroidectomy)Thyroid Hormone Blood TestThyroid ScanThyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH) TestTick BiteTight Lens SyndromeTipped UterusToe FractureToenail InjuriesTongue CancerTonsil and Adenoid Removal (Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy)Tooth AbscessTooth DecayTorn Meniscus in Knee (Meniscal Tear)Torn Meniscus in Knee (Meniscal Tear): IllustrationTorticollisToxic Shock SyndromeToxoplasmosis During PregnancyTrabeculectomy: IllustrationTranscatheter Closure of an Atrial Septal DefectTransient Ischemic Attack (TIA)Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic ShuntTransurethral Bladder BiopsyTransurethral Incision of the Prostate (TUIP)Transurethral Needle Ablation of the Prostate (TUNA)Transurethral Resection of Bladder TumorTransvestismTravel When You Are PregnantTraveler's DiarrheaTriangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC) Injury ExercisesTriangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC) Injury Exercises: IllustrationTriangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC) Injury: IllustrationTriangular Fibrocartilage Complex Injury of the WristTriceps Tendon InjuryTriceps Tendon Injury ExercisesTriceps Tendon Injury Exercises: IllustrationTriceps Tendon Injury: IllustrationTrichinosis Food PoisoningTrichomoniasisTrigeminal Neuralgia (Face Pain)Trigger FingerTrigger Finger: IllustrationTriglyceridesTriple, Quad, or Integrated Tests for Birth DefectsTrouble Breathing during PregnancyTrouble Sleeping During PregnancyTubal Ligation (Female Sterilization)Tubal Ligation ReversalTubal Ligation: IllustrationTube FeedingTuberculosisTummy TuckTurf ToeTurf Toe: IllustrationTwelve Step ProgramsTypes of Baby MovementsTypes of Stroke: IllustrationTypes of Therapy for Mental Health
UUlcer in the Stomach (Gastric Ulcer)Ulcer in the Stomach: Brief VersionUlcer in the Upper Intestine (Duodenal Ulcer)Ulcer in the Upper Intestine (Duodenal Ulcer): Brief VersionUlcerative ColitisUlnar Collateral Ligament Injury of the ElbowUlnar Collateral Ligament Injury of the Elbow ExercisesUlnar Collateral Ligament Injury of the Elbow Exercises: IllustrationUlnar Collateral Ligament Injury of the Elbow: IllustrationUlnar NeuropathyUlnar Neuropathy ExercisesUlnar Neuropathy Exercises: Illustration, page 1Ulnar Neuropathy Exercises: Illustration, page 2Ulnar Neuropathy: IllustrationUltrafast CT ScanUltrasound ScanUltrasound Scan during PregnancyUltrasound Treatment for Muscle and Joint PainUnderstanding and Expressing FeelingsUnderstanding DreamsUnexplained Weight LossUniversal Symbol for AED: IllustrationUpper Back PainUpper Back Pain ExercisesUpper Back Pain Exercises: IllustrationUpper Back Pain: IllustrationUpper GI BleedingUpper GI EGD ExamUpper GI Series (Barium X-Ray Exam)Urethral CancerUrethral Syndrome in MenUrethral Syndrome in WomenUrethritis in MenUrethritis in WomenUrge IncontinenceUrinalysis (Urine Tests)Urinary BlockageUrinary IncontinenceUrinary Tract Infection in MenUrinary Tract Infection in WomenUrinary Tract X-Ray (Intravenous Pyelogram, or IVP)Urination ProblemsUrine CultureUrostomyUrostomy: IllustrationUterine FibroidUterine Fibroids: IllustrationUterine ProlapseUterine Prolapse: IllustrationUterus Removal by Abdominal HysterectomyUterus Removal by Laparoscopically Assisted Vaginal HysterectomyUterus Removal by Vaginal HysterectomyUveitis
VVaginal Bacteria Overgrowth (Bacterial Vaginosis)Vaginal Birth after a Previous C-SectionVaginal Contraceptive RingVaginal PessaryVaginitisValley Fever (Coccidioidomycosis)Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus (VRE)Varicose VeinsVasectomy (Sterilization for Men)Vasectomy ReversalVasectomy: IllustrationVasodilator MedicinesVasomotor RhinitisVentilator-Associated PneumoniaVentricular FibrillationVentricular Tachycardia (Fast Heartbeat)Viral or Bacterial Conjunctivitis (Pinkeye)Viral Sore ThroatVision Blurred (Astigmatism)Vision Blurred (Astigmatism) SurgeryVision Changes Due to AgingVision Changes during PregnancyVision Loss, Temporary (Amaurosis Fugax)Vision ProblemsVision, Blind Spot (Scotoma)Vital SignsVitamin B12 TestVitamin DVitreous HemorrhageVitreous Hemorrhage: IllustrationVocal Cord Growth or SoreVoyeurismVulvar Dystrophy or Dermatoses (Skin Changes around the Vagina)Vulvitis
WWalkersWater and Fluid NeedsWater TherapyWeight Control During PregnancyWeight Control When You Have High Blood PressureWeight Loss DietsWhat to Take to the Hospital for ChildbirthWidowhood and WidowerhoodWithdrawal Method of Birth ControlWorking after RetirementWorking during PregnancyWound Care for CutsWound Care for Puncture WoundWound Care for Scrapes and ScratchesWound Closure and Wound CareWrist Fracture, ScaphoidWrist Fracture, Scaphoid, Exercises: Illustration, Page 1Wrist Fracture, Scaphoid, Exercises: Illustration, Page 2Wrist Fracture, Scaphoid: IllustrationWrist Fracture, Scaphoid: Rehabilitation ExercisesWrist SprainWrist Tendon InjuryWrist Tendon Injury ExercisesWrist Tendon Injury Exercises: IllustrationWrist Tendon Injury: Illustration
XX-RaysX-Rays During Pregnancy
YYAG Laser CapsulotomyYeast Infection (Candidiasis)YersiniosisYogaYou and Your Healthcare Team

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