Senior Centers

What are senior centers?

Senior centers are places where older adults can gather to talk to and do things with other people their own age. Senior centers offer activities, such as classes, games, sports, and field trips. Many senior centers offer a noon meal at little or no cost. Most of the services and events at senior centers are free or available at a reasonable cost.

Who can join a senior center?

Most senior centers serve people who are at least 55 years of age. Many senior centers are open to the public, but some services are offered only if you pay a membership fee.

What services are offered?

Activities vary depending on the center. They may include:

  • Recreation and fitness. Dances, exercise classes, yoga, billiards, bridge, or bingo are common activities at senior centers.
  • Help with finances. Counselors may be available to help with income tax, social security benefits, health insurance, and housing.
  • Transportation. You may be able to get free rides from your home to and from the senior center. Some centers take seniors to the grocery store or to doctor appointments. Many centers provide transportation for field trips and special events.
  • Arts and crafts. You may be able to learn about painting, acting, woodworking, or knitting.
  • Meals. A noon meal is usually served daily. Some centers deliver lunches to home-bound seniors.
  • Volunteering. You might want to teach classes, be a foster grandparent, or provide other expertise and help.
  • Learning. Classes in writing and computer skills may be offered, often at no charge.

Where are they located?

To find a senior center near you:

  • Check the community service pages in your telephone book.
  • Search the Web for senior centers in your area.
  • Call the national Eldercare Locator at 800-677-1116. (Call between 9 AM and 8 PM, EST, Monday through Friday.)

If you have recently retired, or if you simply want a place that helps you stay active and healthy and where you can enjoy being around other people, visit your local senior center.

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